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Pig Pen / Cottage

When Jonathan Ross told us he needed an, “unusual area to house the pigs that are marauding around my garden destroying everything,” we knew we were in for a challenge. The building had to be a quirky, one-off construction that would fit in with the rest of the gardens.

We used waney edge cladding for its distinctive agricultural style, and reclaimed quarried tiles for the roofing. On the inside, there’s a brick enclosure, and the cottage is serviced by 240v electric power.

A fenced off area was also required, and as we were banned from using any straight lines, we had to handmake our own curved fencing by gluing strips together and bending them as the glue dried.

We're not sure what the pigs made of it, but Jonathan was happy: “Cute without looking twee, spacious without taking up too much room – it’s the Taj Mahal of pig residences!!

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